Our Story

Founded in 2017 with a passion for art and the simplicity of design, Cosmic Cherries' primary mission is to use art as a way to send good vibes into the world.


 Our name, Cosmic Cherries, embodies the dichotomy of a woman. The first word, “cosmic,” reminds us of the expansiveness of our vast universe; and the second, “cherries,” expresses her balancing of the world’s expectations of women and wanting to express her unique self.


We want to encourage belief.

            Belief in yourself and your worthiness.

            Belief in the importance of expressing yourself creatively.

            Belief in the power of using art as a means of development and self-love.

            Belief in the beautiful diversity of womanhood.

            Belief in empowerment through unity.



The Cosmic Cherries logo is one that was done with intention.  Our logo of a woman’s upturned head is a feminine icon of hope and self-worth. Her sky-focused gaze is a reminder of a woman’s endless imagination, and she remains grounded through the word “cosmic” while she vividly dreams alongside the bird and rose which symbolize freedom and promise. The logo’s design follows the art style of line drawing, which keeps artistic creativity central to our mission.

 This beautifully empowered woman is you. She is you, your mother, your aunt, your sister, your friend. We celebrate our strength in unity and our beauty in uniqueness. Cosmic Cherries is a space for all women to explore your creative side and to grow into their own magnificence!