How to Practice Consciousness as an Act of Self-Care

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Self-care is not a straight line or a defined path. Like we discussed in our last blog, taking care of yourself is an intensely personal and ever-adapting practice that seeks to improve your state of mind. So, where does consciousness fit into that?

Let’s define what “consciousness” means in this context; it’s the act of being present in the moment and aware of the impact of your mindset and actions. When you are learning a new skill or studying intently, you are doing so with a consciousness and purpose. Applying that focus to other areas of your life can be beneficial to your overall health and happiness. Consciousness provides value to your life in that you savor the small pleasures of life and work self-care into your daily routine.

Sounds do we start? Ask yourself some of these questions throughout the day to promote awareness and help you find the areas in which you are already practicing consciousness and where you could try adding it:

  • Do I enjoy rushing through my morning or would I prefer starting earlier to practice a slower, more indulgent morning ritual?
  • Is checking my email inbox first-thing make me more productive or can I do something else to start my work?
  • How does leaving clothes or papers lying out help me? How will I feel if I take a few minutes to put them where they belong?
  • Do I want to speak angrily to my friends and family or can I find more patience and speak to them with kindness and compassion?
  • Do I want to practice self-pity or can I try practicing gratitude more often?
  • Am I comfortable eating unhealthily or can I incorporate eating healthier meals that fuel my body and my health?
  • How can I practice giving more time to the people who support me?

These questions will help build your awareness of what you are doing in your everyday life. From there, decide whether your normal action or thought pattern is something that’s contributing positively to your life or if there is a better alternative.

Throughout each day, continue to ask yourself if the choice you are making is going to help you or hurt you on your journey of improvement. Do so without feeling guilt or anger towards yourself and try reminding yourself that you deserve compassion and encouragement. When you practice consciousness, your actions become habits; and good habits become a good life.

The story of Cosmic Cherries starts and ends with women. Our founder, an artist, sought a way to express the beautiful diversity of womanhood through art. Finding love in apparel and accessories, she’s devoted to creating a positive space for women to show the world who they are through unique and colorful designs. Our Cosmic Cherries promise is to bring a moment of joy to your day and to remind you of your magnificence! She is woman. See her beauty.

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